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11 Amazing Super Foods And Their Health Benefits

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Super foods

Eating healthy seems almost impossible in an era of fast food and microwave dinners. But with a little extra effort around the grocery store, you really can pick out a healthy assortment of food that not only tastes great, but will give your body the extra boost of energy and nutrients that it so desperately needs. Shopping for healthy food isn't always easy when you don't know what to look for. But at most grocery stores, there are 11 amazing Super foods that are packed full of nutrients that can help skyrocket your health to brand new levels, you just need to know what to buy.

1. Kale - Ranking in as the worlds healthiest food, Kale manages to blow even the other Super foods off the chart all by itself. Not only is Kale a fantastic source of fiber, but it is crammed with vitamins K, A, and C, and those are just the tip of the Kale iceberg. The nutrients in one serving of Kale can help fight off cancer causing cells, provides plenty of antioxidants, and even helps with inflammation by acting as an anti-inflammatory. A must have for any trip to the grocers!

2. Local Raw Honey - Honey has always been known as a wonderful Super food that is rich in antioxidants. But raw honey also helps fight off illness and even provides massive boosts of energy without overloading you on unhealthy sugars. Perhaps the best thing about local honey however, is that since you're ingesting local pollens, it will actually help fight off allergies while you're in the area the honey is from.

3. Spinach - Popeye had it right, eat your spinach and grow up big and strong! Not only will you get a healthy does of vitamins E and C, but a healthy dose of beta-carotene. Spinach also helps regulate blood pressure and helps keep those bones strong enough to measure up to the old sailor himself.

4. Ginger - Ginger has been used in various Eastern countries for years as an anti-inflammatory and immune system booster. A nice hot glass of ginger tea also works wonders for clearing up nausea all while providing that extra boost of energy we all need throughout the day.

5. Chickpeas - If you're looking for the perfect topping for a spinach salad, you can't go wrong with chickpeas. Providing a healthy dose of fiber and calcium, chickpeas are also loaded with healthy proteins that can help boost heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

6. Wild Salmon - While all salmon is a great source of omega-3s, a substance key to proper and healthy brain growth, farm raised salmon just isn't as healthy as the wild variety. And don't forget the nice serving of healthy protein provided in a nice serving of wild salmon.

7. Broccoli - If you can get your children to eat it, broccoli has some amazing health benefits. Not only will broccoli help fight off heart disease and high blood pressure, but it provides the body with significant doses of vitamin C, fiber, protein, beta-carotene and even magnesium. All of that from one little plant.

8. Blueberries - If you're looking for a Super food that your children will love to eat, look no further than blueberries. An excellent source of antioxidants, blueberries work hard to defend and promote a healthy cardiovascular system. They even help promote healthy cognitive function, which is very important in children and adults alike.

9. Dark Chocolate - That's right chocolate lovers, dark chocolate is actually a Super food with some amazing health benefits. While it is important to remember that dark chocolate is still chocolate, and should only be consumed in moderation, the flavanoids in it help clean out your arteries allowing for proper and healthy circulation. A daily dose of dark chocolate can even help lower and regulate blood pressure. So go ahead and order that dessert!

10. Hemp Powder - Most people hear hemp and thing drugs, clothes, or hippies. But the truth of the matter is that hemp powder can provide some of the most complete servings of protein that is seen anywhere in the vegetable world. It is also an excellent source of magnesium, healthy dietary fiber, and even omega 3 and 6. So next time you think hemp, think health!

11. Acai Berries - While it may be the last on the list, acai berries were one of the first Super foods! Their hype and fame swept the world like a storm and popular TV hosts even held shows about them because the health benefits were so astounding. And with good reason, these powerful berries work hard to protect the blood and nervous system, making them a healthy choice for any diet!