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What Are Curries And Why Are They Popular In Britain?

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What Are Curries And Why Are They Popular In Britain?

Curries appear to be very popular across the globe, but in some places more than others. Have you ever wondered what curry really is, or why it seems to be such a favourite among the British population? Let’s look at these questions and their answers more in depth.

What Is Curry?

Curry is generally thought of as a dish that is made with Indian spices and herbs. Curries tend to be hot and spicy with a bit of a bite to them. Many recipes include chili peppers, coriander seeds, turmeric, cumin and other “hot” spices and herbs. Definitions vary slightly, but this is the most commonly recognized meaning of a curry.

There are many adaptations of curry dishes which vary widely by culture and region. They can be anything from completely vegetarian to containing chicken, beef or fish. Some have vegetables in them and some do not, it is such a diverse term that chefs are able to make a wide range of dishes. Curries can either be considered wet or dry, depending on the methods of preparation.

Why Are Curries Popular In Britain?

Curries started becoming a staple food in Britain beginning in the 19th century largely due to the soldiers and immigrants from South Asia. In fact, it has become so popular that even now the curry dish referred to as the “British national dish” is Chicken Tikka Masala. You can even get potato chips in curry flavour as well as having it served as a pizza topping.

Curry sauce has been around for quite some time and remains a favourite food when served with fast foods like chips. Curry with some naan bread is nearly a comfort food. Naan bread is quite often served alongside curry either buttered or to be used for dipping. It can be sweetened with raisins or other spices to alter the flavor to your liking.

Curry’s popularity started to climb when South Asia immigrants started opening restaurants that served mainly Indian foods and curry dishes. As the Brits started eating at theses new places, they were struck by the spicy taste of these new foods. The British diet had mainly consisted of meats and gravies up to this point.

These restaurants are commonly known as “curry houses” and are about as popular as fast food chains are in the US. Since a large number of the curry houses in truth have Bangladeshi owners, the array of curried cuisine comes from various countries and cultures. This has given an even broader choice of curry flavors for everyone to enjoy.

Making Curry At Home

There are many traditional old-style cookbooks that contain plenty of curry recipes that you can try at home. The easiest way to quickly find the recipes you are looking for is by using the internet. The most popular and delicious curry recipes are right there at your fingertips. You will most likely find a few new favorites as well.

Once you’ve found a few recipes you want to try at home, you’ll need to make sure you have all of the ingredients. Your dish will turn out best if you use fresh herbs and spices from your garden or the local market. Do not skimp on these because it will be the whole foundation of your dish. Many of the curry spices can be grown in a pot by your window so that you have them fresh anytime you need them.

By making your own curries at home you will save money and be able to create a better tasting dish. You might even come up with a new twist on one of your favorite curry dishes. You don’t have to restrict yourself to one certain type of curry; you can expand your tastes by experimenting with new flavors. The beauty of cooking at home is that you can create just the flavor you want to satisfy your personal tastes.

You will never run out of cooking ideas for your curry dishes when you look online. There are tons of recipe sites dedicated to curry recipes alone. If you love curry and are a little adventurous, you might just become the best curry chef in your neighbourhood. All your neighbours will love that wonderfully fragrant aroma drifting from your kitchen.

Curry is definitely popular in Britain and has actually surpassed the popularity of fish and chips. Spicy curry dishes have added a new flare to the British cuisine that was once viewed as bland and tasteless. Many Brits have really embraced the spicy goodness of curry in their everyday meals, even while on the go. It has become so popular that hundreds of curry recipe sites have popped up on the internet for those who want to make their own curries at home, including our very own Somayas Kitchen.